Learn to Play Harp!

West Coast Harps offers 3 levels of harp music for those wanting to learn to to play the folk harp. Each level has 15 different downloads of exercises, studies and tunes. These downloads have been created from Alison's years of experience teaching students of all ages and abilities. They are tuneful, fun and practical - why make practice dreary!

Level 1 - Single hand
Level 2 - Alternate hands
Level 3 - Hands together

Fingering, placement brackets & technique notes are provided with all 3 levels. There is no charge for any of these downloads.

You are welcome to download and use these handouts for your own use or for teaching your students.

They are NOT for commercial use and cannot be distributed for profit without Alison's express permission.

Alison strongly advises that learners invest in at least a few introductory lessons with a harp teacher in order to learn correct hand position. Though she is herself primarily self-taught (with a Grade VIII Conservatory piano background) she had to learn this the hard way. After 6 months of diligent practice in a cold room (no central heating in New Zealand), she had to rest her wrist for the next 6 months due to incipient tendonitis. Fortunately there's been no recurrence thanks to good mentors, attention to posture, relaxation and technique.